Shilpi Bhattacharya

Shilpi Bhattacharya

Professor at Jindal Global Law School

PhD, Law

About Me

Teaching and researching on Competition Law, Digital Markets, Law and Economics, Rare Disease Policy. Living with a severely disabling rare disease called GNE myopathy. Running an organisation called World Without GNE Myopathy that supports people living with my rare disease.



August 2016 - Present · Jindal Global Law School, India

I teach and research in competition law, Law and Economics and rare disease policies.


2007 - 2009 · Linklaters, Singapore

Practiced U.S. securities law.


Ph.D. in Law

2012 - 2015 · Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thesis: Competition law and the bounded rationality of firms.

Masters of Laws - LLM, Law

2006 - 2007 · University of Virginia School of Law, USA

Bachelor of Laws - LLB, Law

· National University of Jurdicial Sciences, Kolkata, India


Journal Articles

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Why Adani’s Buying Spree Merits a Re-think in India’s Competition Law Framework. Bhattacharya, S. June 2022. The Leaflet.

Interviewed by Prof. Caron Beaton-Wells for the podcast Competition Lore, episode titled ‘Doing Digital in India’ with Ujjwal Kumar. . November 2019. The Leaflet.

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Selected to participate at the International Junior Faculty Forum, Stanford University. . United States, October, 2019. .

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Training of Officers of the Competition Commission of India on “Merger Review Under the Competition Act, 2002”. . New Delhi, India (March 21, 2010). .


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Co-organiser, Conference on Perspectives in GNE Myopathy: Research, Clinical Management and Patient Care, WWGM. . Delhi (February, 2018). .

Co-chair of Panel on Enabled Living, Asia-Oceania Myology Conference. . Singapore (August, 2017). .

Clinical Trials for Rare Diseases, Indian Society for Clinical Research Annual Conference. . Mumbai (February, 2017). .

Rare Disease Day, Radio broadcast for JU Community Radio. . Kolkata (February, 2017). .


Trustee, World Without GNE Myopathy

WWGM is a patient-led organisation that is working towards raising awareness of a rare disease called GNE Myopathy, supporting patients with this disease and finding a treatment for it. GNE Myopathy is a progressive disease with no treatment that causes severe disability. Patients are typically wheelchair bound within ten years of disease onset. I am a founding member of WWGM and suffer from this disease as well. My work involves raising funds for a treatment for GNE and raising awareness about this disease.